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  • Did you race BAP? I saw your name on the entry but didn't know exactly what your truck looked like. I kinda looked for you in the pits but obviously had no luck.

    no worries. i appreciate the thought. if you wait a couple of weeks you can try it again it should go thru.
    Don't tell me that your one of those hypersensitive MDR guys??? I was speaking to a friend in regards to him racing in a "small race" when he had told me not long ago about only doing "bigger races" But way to get all pissy about stupid crap!!!! Our team has raced in lots of MDR races in the past. Matter of fact we won an MDR championship in class 1 in 06!!! So is that enough support for you?? Next time you rep someone make sure you have a clue!!!!
    Holy crap, there's a name from the past! Yeah I'm still into this stuff pretty deep. I was living out in Arizona for the past 4 years. Won an open amature championship in an enduro/hare scramble series out there in '07 on my bike. Still riding my ass off obviously!!! I moved out to Vegas about 4 months ago and things are going pretty good. I've got a little toyota I'm slowly building as the budget allows.



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