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    King 2.5 bump thread pitch

    Thanks I just ran into this today
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    BAP updates?

    1600 are warming up!
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    Off-Roadin' in DUbai & Abu Dhabi! Check it..

    Wow that looks awesome... Man what would life be like without blm!
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    2012 New Danzio BITD Trophy truck motor package

    Can't wait to see this
  5. D.G.F

    steel cab to cage plating

    Mpower is right. Use silicon bronze to weld to the cab
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    1998 GMC 1500 full build

    Just seen this in dusty times as I was reading your build up!
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    Putting cnc petals in Baja

    Hey thanks for the advise. Here are some pictures from a month ago before I moved into my new house.... Finally have a garage!
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    Putting cnc petals in Baja

    I have a Baja bug that I'm building and have a few questions.my first one is I'm putting pedals in my car And I was wondering if I can cut part of the firewall to be able to put the res out side of the cab. I know on cars when you cut the firewall out you lose structural strength of the body...
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    Camburg Pro-Lite coming soon

    Nice yet another frontier for you guys!
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    Harvey Motorsports ES Motorsports/PORTER 1600 Rebuild

    Love the body it's going to look great glad you decided to return to the desert
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    ProBuggy memories-

    thats the truth!
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    San Diego shop space

    Did you ever stop by there? That's a really cool idea!
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    GMR Luxury Prerunner Build

    Looking great so far like always from you guys. What is the platform it's going to be build around?
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    Dunebuggy.com Platform build. (Class One0

    Wow that Is freaking goruguse makes me want to cry!