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    WHAT!! Mechanic of the Year?

    That was a cool vid! He should be driving not wrenching!
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    Jacob person, not making any friends and Mulisha Redemption

    Person is a squid! Ask Matt Lolidce. Person took him out a few times as well.
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    Congrats to Danny Ebberts

    Congrats to Danny Ebberts for Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Mechanic of the year!
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    LOORRS driver of the year

    Ebberts gets my vote for Mechanic. Having to work on everything that is under the tent at the races is one thing, but dealing with the bs is another!
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    Drawing results for SF250?

    What about class 22?
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    Drawing results for SF250?

    Anyone know when Score will post the results?
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    Official Parker 425 Update

    starting to rain! Should be an interesting last lap!
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    Why no IRC tracking at Parker this year

    Ya I talked to them yesterday. said the units are stuck in Europe and might not have them for SF250!
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    Official Parker 425 Update

    Dido on ebberts and cambell?
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    Parker 2010

    Anyone have a course map from last year I could look at?
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    Best bike for Baja 1000

    Me and a few friends want to race the Baja 1000 next year if it goes down to La Paz. What is the best bike to do it on / Who has the best contingency /support? KTM, Honda, or Kaw? Thanks for the hellp.
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    WHY do you LOVE off road racing???

    I have too much money and offroad racing takes care of that problem rather quickly!:D
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    Score Baja 1000 Video game

    I have the Score Baja 1000 video game for X box 360. I ordered it from and I wanted it for Play station 2. I want to sell it for 30.00 or trade for the PS2 version. I never opened it. e-mail or call 951 757 1524
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    RDC Project Vehicle - Chevrolet Blazer

    Re: Blazer Tested!!!! For sale all ready? Seems like a good price too.
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    9 Car Chassis

    Looks heavy!