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  • how can i post or participate in forum discussions? I want to thnk everyone for their cal 200 contributions, comment on the post about my wife, etc. Please advise...
    How can you change your name? You are DAN! Or just trying to imagine what adultery with a skanky tattoo model is like?

    What's the scoop?

    KUDOS for all the Fast Aid work!
    Excuse me sir, but who are you and why do you have so much rep? I ain't never heard of you before;)
    Are you into self-inflicted minor injuries? I happen to have a stock sheet metal cab truck that practically screams 'tetnis shots, get your tetnis shots'. At least its less painful than spending time in Purple. Lemme know, I could use some help.
    Oh my...that looks fun!!! ha ha!! Hey, youz guyz gonna me it out to barstool for the 250 next weekend??? I'm gonna whip up my JALAPENO POPPERS...thought you might like to have one!!! LOLz!!!
    Ahhhh, thank you very much!!! Gonna try it later this week. We'll call you from the hospital to let ya know how it goes...LOL
    Oh Dan. hey, ya remember that "pizza burger" thing you posted up a while back??? Got a linky to that????
    Saw you on tv and just had to take a dump. What is it about you that invokes crap? :p
    Good Morning, Dan! I thought I was keeping weird hours, then I see you on line this am before me. Anyway, I awoke with an insight gained from our Purple "peeps," and probably most from Marc, Pat (both of 'em), Scott , Donny, and of course, you.

    First order of biz: my apologies. I went and read posts in some other political forums, and found we are all incredibly civil compared to them. But it did give me some perspective, and let me get some perspective on myself.

    I've become as much of a reactionary old SOB as my dear dad was, without the physical violence.

    I'm sorry, and now that I see that, I hope to be able to control my responses.

    Call my cell if you like, but I still want to hear about the truck's suspension changes.

    Help, Dan! Help! I hit the wrong button and raised that Timmy dude back to -3. Can you get Pat or Fish to rectify that? I was trying to get him under a -100, so he could become the anti-Dan. :(
    Sometimes I wish we were prerunning, then I could say, "Hang on, i need to drive for awhile." And we also wouldn't have all the illogical interference if we just turned down the radio. ;)
    my pleasure dan. thanks. you fast aide guys are awesome. you'll hear from me again for support. again, the truck is lookin' good and if we're real lucky, we'll kick their asses again this year and the fast aide stickers are sure to be a major reason why. i'm sure of it.
    well, i put one of the small oval ones on each rear bedside and i put a fast aide sticker that's about a foot or so long on the right side of my visor for the free world to see. looks pretty good up there too. i think i'm covered pretty well dan but i'd still love to have another one for my H-1. send to mr. hardin long c/o 11444 rolling hills dr. el cajon, ca 92020. thanks migo.
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