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    Pro Eagle jacks

    I’m so glad these hardly ever fail.
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    Race numbers on your race cars and trucks

    There is a giant 4 on the door.
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    Rage spectating? Anything new? Different from the older threads?

    I miss the days where Philo and I would flip cars back over and drag them around. I encourage anyone who has practical knowledge of how to rescue cars/people to sign up to do so. I know snore used to award points to racers who had their team do coursework. Is that still the case Kenny?
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    Custom driveshaft AZ

    Our shop (SDHQ) has had good results with both Arizona Driveshaft and Phoenix Rack and Axle.
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    Rage spectating? Anything new? Different from the older threads?

    Or volunteer.... Being a course worker is a lot of fun and if you arent racing its the next best seat in the house.
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    2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational presented by Monster Energy

    Those are big dogs and a few of my favorites are included in there. I am excited to be there for this again. As much as I like to see the Best of the Best run I like having a few underdogs in the fight too. What about one of the light-weight 6100 guys showing up with his 2020 legal 40 inch...
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    Why does barely anyone have a winch on their race car?

    They aren’t THAT heavy and in some situations (especially in BAJA)they can be super helpful. I really don’t see the cons.
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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    Did I miss something? I thought BITD just changed a few rules for 6100. When did they invite class 8 into the class?
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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    I’m not sure this will actually flood the class with tons more entries. The score guys like BAJA. (It’s Mexico and doesn’t have lap traffic.) They may bump up the BITD car count since they are legal now but I doubt it will make substantial increase in BITD entries overall. I like the rule...
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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    Question- it has been my understanding that they kept the tires at 37 because General tire didn’t offer anything bigger and the support $ general gave BITD kept these trucks on 37s. Has general tire pulled out of BITD? Or???
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    He works for the city. Not sure what his day to day is like but he works in the "we make and install street signs" division so I bet his CDL is required because of the equipment he runs. Heavy trucks. Air brakes. California BS regulations. And yea. He has a family and a bad ass ass benefit...
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    Ya can't pass the CDL medical with THC in your system. If ya go clean to pass then start up smokin or whatever after ya pass and ya have an incident you will be tested right away. Or, your employer may spot test ya. Hard to be a stoner and have a CDL.
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    PCI Race Radio / Motion Tire 250 Sept 13-14

    I cant thank you guys enough for the help. Sometimes I expect a little too much out of "Trophy Toter" but with your assistance I made it home just fine. Remember how we left the goose neck extended for those 3-4 inches? That lasted about 50 miles and then it was right back at my regular...