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  • You guys still around? ha ha......... Shot out at the Parker 250 last week and off to the MORE this weekend, first of next month back at Parker to shoot the 425....... Hope all is going well for you ! Take care, Mike. The "N" Factor www.thenfactorpics.com Where are you racing next?
    Hi Dan and Robert ........ Photos look GREAT !! ha ha ha your photographer does a good job.... How have you guys been? got a few photos of Robert with award at Tech (after the race) Are you planning on being at PAS the next race....... www.thenfactorpics.com .......... Mike
    i wish.. my car is still in pieces. were waiting for our fuel cell and a couple other parts to come in. we will deffinatly be ready for round 3. are you guys gonna race any other series? were thinking norrs. but not sure yet.. see you at the race though. good luck.
    Dan, have you heard about our race at Firebird in Phoenix on October 31st? We have worked very hard to accommodate all the CORR drivers by building a one mile Corr track. The track will be smooth and fast! Desert guys will be racing also on a different track!

    This is an excellent opportunity for you to get out and show the Phoenix crowd what short course racing is all about. Phoenix is also the 6th largest city in the US and a great place to get sponsor recognition.

    We have many Corr guys committed to this event already and we’d love for you to be there also. If there is anything I can do to help you with your decision please give me a call. I can send you a track map and schedule for your consideration if you e-mail me. john@jonre.com

    Hope to see you there!

    John Martensen
    I run part number 86-9300-D boot kit in my car. They hold up really well and you can still get to the cv bolts to check them without taking the boot off with this style.
    Dude, I have bought some stuff from you. As a matter of fact in need to order some stuff. I found you have Empi stuff. I run their 930 CV stars and Races, and love them. What 930 cv boots do you reccomend for a 1600 car?
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