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  • ill called him today and he never answered, i hope he new i was kidding.
    Just in case you didnt get my text. The mid engine is # 1584
    If you pissed race gas you would know!
    Why you checkin in on me?????
    Additional info from DeAnna:
    Just talked to Steve. They are set up at race mile 105 for fuel. They were in contact with Dale when he hung up on me, so they are close to RM 105....I think I heard them say they need to change a tire. I got hung up on during the rush of info.

    Please pass to Darren.
    Darren, Deanna emailed me: Sarah? I hope this is your email.

    I can't log on to race-dezert so if you can pass on info to Darren, this would help.

    Billy and Dale are still running. I heard from Steve 5 min. ago. They were at Race Mile 36 and passing, so they are still going....F**K rally tracker it never works!
    For a background image, find the image you wish to add for your background right click on it and click "save as" .. Go to User CP - Pictures and albums and upload the photo into one of your albums on RDC .

    Once your photo is UPLOADED to your profile on RDC, go to your User CP again and go to Customize Profile the first set of boxes says MAIN then there is all the border/color codes.. It says “background image” with the lil upload mountain thingys .. select that option and upload your saved photo from your race-dezert album! Bam (yes I just got out of culinary school) there ya have it! Hope that helps!~
    Noo ... I can not do it for you.. Unless you gave me your username and password on here.. and well we are RDCSpace friends but I am not so sure you just wanna hand over your log in info. I provided detailed instructions on one of the threads pertaining to the new updates on the RDC board. I will get the link for ya and when you get some time you can invest it into your page!
    You did everything correctly!~ We are *officially* RDCSpace friends. Now you just need to bedazzle your page!
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