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Aug 8, 2017
    1. Ian Glaser
      Ian Glaser
      Hello Darren,
      It is a pleasure talk with you about this awesome car, the jeep Grand Cherokee, I have a couple of questions about this truck,
      I really want to know who built this car?
      Who made that rough design in the fiberglass?
      Actually the owner is Dick S.? and If you know if someday he is going to race again?

      Best regards.
      1. Ian Glaser
        Ian Glaser
        I have another questiopn Darren
        I'm a fan of the big factory team from a jeep that used to race in Baja in the 90s and I know that you and clive used to race in the jeep Cherokee class 6.
        Do you know what happened with the other Trophy truck grand Cherokee the number 13 the 4x4? the one that Mike Leslie drives.
        Nov 29, 2015
    2. DarrenSkilton
      No plans on the 6 car. If we did I would want to run it in SCORE class 6 or BITD 7200. Maybe next year.

    3. Sparky
      Hey! When are you going to bring the old 6 car back out and run it in 3700? This is Mark Linder if you were wondering!
    4. TheVideoGuy
      Hey Darren,
      My name is justin huebert. I ran into your chase crew at the baja 500 RM 400 And I was wanting to do some filming for you. But I did not have enought time or enough footage of the Jeep. This year for the baja 1000 I would like to do some filming with you and the crew to make a short film.
      Justin huebert
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