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  • hoping to be there for the whole season but we will have to see what help i can get from sponsers? The ford prolite is getting the new motor next week and we have a second chassie on the table just need some funds to keep it going!!!
    Hey Aaron, you gonna be coming over to the WSORR next year? Hoped we'd catch you at Crandon Labor Day weekend this year...

    Tell JD I said hey.
    I have talked to Tim and I will let thim know that he can talk directly with you. Tims cell #702-429-0922 and my cell # is 702-491-5252
    If you want to send that prop directly to me, you can. Stoney doesn't need to handle it since I won't be charging you for this (since it's R&D at this point). My address here is:
    American Axle & Manufacturing
    2965 technology drive
    Rochester Hills, MI 48309
    Attn: Greg Marsh

    I just need to check the length to verify its identical to Josh's truck, and I'll send it to you so you can get it in for RJ's race. If Tim, Gary, or JD (or yourself) have any questions about how it functions my cell phone is 248 798 8003.
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