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  • Thanks for the support. I really appreciate your clear and level headed thinking. It drives me crazy when people see the world as all one way or the other. Life is just more complicated than that!

    Cheers brother!
    Hey man, where you been??? I havent seen any new posts from you in quite a while. Hope everything is OK with you.
    Seriously man, I'll buy you a beer or 10 too. Your replies are spot on, way to dissect and question BS.
    You know, Its not all sad with Scotty (Pacific Vet). I helped him with his insurance claim and my brother provided me with a contractor's quote 20% higher than the damage....I am making sure he gets 100% of the money and he will have enough $ to do a little remodeling. He is as republicans as they come, but I get along great with him...I respect the man. He is what I think all those Americans were back in the day :) Still running stong like my old unbeateable Bridgeport!
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