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  • It's not in my name and my friend that I bought it from did not put it in his name either. I was only going to use it for the body, so i was not worried about registering it. The best I can tell you to do is to just call the DMV and give them the VIN#. Tell them you bought the car and want to check the status on the title. Should be easy to get a Green sticker for it.
    Have you made much progress on the car?
    Shock dimensions can't really be decided on until mounting provisions have been established... We run Kings but I'm relativly familiar with Bilsteins: blackhawks are the top of the line and are run by a few 5/1600's very succesfully but at $3000 each they're kind of pricey, the 9100 series are the other bypasses they offer and are much more affordable but are smaller in diameter etc. What you'll want to do is complete your shock mounts and cycle the suspension to determine what travel stroke you need, 12-14 inches is the norm in 5/16. Hope this helps, if you need any further help feel free to ask!
    It depends on what you are going to use for your other suspension components. If you are going with all of the best and want to build a competitive car like mine then 2.5 x 12" 2 tube in the front and 3.0 x 14" 4tube in the rear. But this will only work if you are running Microstubs in the rear and "new style" Foddrill front arms with the Long curved shock mount.
    If you are not using Microstubs and are using standard arms in the front then use 2" shorter shocks all the way around.
    IRS pivots are the mounts on the torsion housing for your rear trailing arms. Your car is older "swingaxle" rear suspension and doesn't have these and needs to be converted to IRS. Torsion adjuster welds into the center of the rear torsion housing and allows you to adjust the pre-load/ ride height of the rear of the car. Building a Truss under the torsion housing will prevent it from bending.
    For the cage you will need 1.5" x .095" wall 4130N Chromoly for all of the main structure. 1.25" x .095" and 1.0" x .095" for all the small stuff.
    First thing that you absolutely NEED TO DO is read the book "Baja Bugs & Buggies" by Jeff Hibbard. I know you should have it at your work, its yellow with a yellow 5 open car on the cover. Read this book cover to cover it will give you the basics to getting started and teach you the language of VWs.
    The other thing you should do is come and check out my car. It will be easier to show you things that way than typing everything haha.
    Yeah like i said, pull the body off and strip it down to the bare pan. the transmission works but is a swingaxle so it is of no use to you. you need an 091 bus box. work on the pan by itself before you start on the cage. convert the front for a linkpin beam and weld in the IRS pivots. There is a lot of work you need to do to the pan to make it survive.
    Best of luck there David. You're going to meet a LOT of great people along this new journey of yours and welcome to the "dirt nation!" Oh yah, thanks for jumping on board with our modified kart team, hope you have a good time with us!
    Hey your car looks like a good starting point, you've got a lot of fun work ahead of you!
    I'd be happy to help with class technical questions if you need. You can also check out our team site for reference pics, and video, you might have seen the car at VW paradise from time to time.
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