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  • Hi,

    I saw your post about switching to a 10 ecotec. I just did the same. You should check out the Texas EDR (extreme Desert Racing) series. Low entry fees and a great course. The next rce is a night race on an exotic game ranch. Where else can you race and see Elk, gazelles, zebra. antelopes, buffalo, etc? The website is www.TexasOff-Road.com. Call me on my cell if you are interested.

    We will be at CP 4 Mineral Wash. Pitting for Tom Wood, Ruben and Robert if they race, Ed, Bruce and Randy, you guys? We have dumped fuel, took tires in the past. I have preferred Midway or Graham Well, but Tom wants us at Mineral Springs this year. I saw Tom's car two weeks ago, it was looking really good. Drake, run LeeSteins on my 9 car, my buddy Kenneth and I have known him for several years. If anybody needs any help, we will have a full set up at CP 4.
    We actually go nw from miller & the 10 a couple miles.. Which is on the other side of the mountain from any buildings. It's also off of a dirt rd, that goes to tonapah, so there's dust all the time. Just need to go mid-week, or late afternoon so there's not many people out there. A spotter or 2 on a hill wouldn't hurt either.
    I held the last GRR Buckeye race in '92. I can't recall if Whiplash ever did any racing out there. J*** W**** held a bootleg night race in the foothills north of Miller in 77. I think Nancy was still carrying Brian "Cheeseburger" Wibel. I tried following Ed and Barbara beard on the prerun, but they left me and my Baja in the dust.

    Isn't it too built up around there now and don't you think raising a lot of dust visible from the interstate can cause OHV'ers and you problems? Granted, there won't be much dust this weekend.
    Geisers' still needs whoop development. Gila Bend extremely choppy last time we went, which was at least 4 years ago. Wickenburg whoops? I can go 7mph through 'em in my Toyota, which is about the same speed I can go through Parker whoops, but its not a very long section. We'll have to ask LeeBob's opinion, but he hasn't seen 'em yet. I just discovered them myself on Sunday. PC may be the best, but it will be nigh on impossible to get Lee out there prior to Parker, I'm afraid. What brand of shocks do you run, anyway? Thanks!
    Seemed to work great testing last week at PC. Thanks! BTW, if BITD finds a racer testing or prerunning on course within 90 days prior to an event, that racer can be DQ'ed. I did find a nice set of sand whoops out Scenic Loop north of Wickenburg a couple miles and close to a good graded road. Plus, Geisers' loop is starting to get whoops. What about lower Hassayampa west of Buckeye to test? Too many people?
    Just wanted to let you know we got tires, I think Lee got them from your partner, right after XMAS, because they came from Buckeye.

    Do you have a pair of used 33/10.50x15 BFG Baja T/A's you'd be interested in selling? Don't need much tread if the sidewalls are OK. Thnaks!
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