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  • just got back into town -- trying to wake this place up -- you all good ? Say hey to your Bride -- xo
    The 15 got off course in the dust on the graded roads. went off a 8ft cliff then a 6 ft cliff into a 3ft embankment. Should of gone over but only broke the spindle off.
    Hows it going, i was wondering How much do you want for the house from Wednesday through Sunday? Is it still available??
    LOL.... NO one got my joke..... I can't believe i spoon feed these people humor and it still doesnt work....
    hey my dad want to know if u wanna have alittle party before the mint at our house "in vegas" lol
    I hear you bought the whole B@P weekend from Lucas - How much would it cost a poor and destitute public servant to get to drive Sunday? LOL!
    Drink a couple more Coronos it will all come into better vision then! bwahahaha Let me know how it goes and what you hear about the shoot...
    Damn! Is it out at the normal Lucerne testing grounds??? I hope Clydo puts on a show!
    You hear anymore about the #13 and some "Mega Driving" off-road in the coming weeks???
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