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  • This is Vince brother ....hahahaha Lets talk some **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** in Primm, thats what we do.what up Todd brother.
    Yo Deano what up man? Hey it Tim down in Cardiff i just waned to see if you could find out if there is oneof the lightforces laying around or see if Vano still got one that would be great. Just hit me up when you got time.
    I just noticed we have the same birthday! WTF!!!! PARTY!!!!

    Angie says Hi by the way.
    KIN A! theres a show in the keys that weekend! two bands, Moovalya and Contritdicion(sp?) Moovalya is a local band (kinda they grew up here) and theyre purty good... its gonna be a fun time haha!
    That almost seemed like a wannabe Snipe in the "RG Cheating thread" bwaaaaahahaaaaaa when you coming down to Parker again??? I am here right now!
    LOL not paying attention to a beauty contest on a racing site???? :eek: LOL

    Just vote for me... since I'm from Oceanside and that's all you need to know ;) :p :D J/K

    Hope you are doing well!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
    it's alllllllllllllllllllllllllll goooooooooood BROTHA!! MMMWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA :D :D :D
    It will of course be fun getting to know each other!! :D New people are always fun!! Are you going to be at the MINT?

    I've got mad luv for o'side... ;) born and raised baby!! :D
    Dean-O it was great meeting you :D Look forward to seeing you at other races in the future for sure... I'm hoping it will be under warmer conditions though ;) :D
    Thanks Deano. We were having fun that weekend. Miss seeing you around brother.
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