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    New Baja Social Club Film Trailer

    thats RAD love the vintage pioneer stories looks like a great documentary movie looking forward to seeing it
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    Baja Beach Bash Video 2013

    RAD video got some good laughs thanks
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    Ranger rear leafs

    what kind of springs are they GDRBORETIRED ? are they deavers ?
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    prerunner rear suspention question

    depends on what truck you end up going with there are many ways to set it up, pick you truck first and go from there, deaver springs can build prerunner packs using the original springs or you can go with an altered full spring depending on what you want to do good luck :)
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    Deaver droop to much

    theres no such thing as to much deaver droop lol ,change the break lines and make sure your shocks are not too short, you want as much droop as the springs alllow good luck :)
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    93 4runner build would like some input! thanks rdc

    i would stick with Tchaos . you using the 4runner as a prerunner ?
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    or call deaver talk to scott or jeff and you might want to take your truck into deaver to have the springs altered for your liking.
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    no you dont want to run the springs under the axle that will make you loose travell they are made to be on the top of axle. can you take any pics of the truck ?
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    The death of class 7s, and your opinions on how to fix it...

    ok cool good to know for the future thanks, i was racing with a buddie in 1450 in MDR in 2010 up untill the accident we finished 2nd place in points for the year in a deaver sprung king shocked toyota pickup
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    The death of class 7s, and your opinions on how to fix it...

    ya they have coil springs in the back so a nice set of shocks and bumps should ride pretty good lol ya and sleeve plate the factory links. idk just a thought for the toyota guys that might want to race fjs and 4runners
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    The death of class 7s, and your opinions on how to fix it...

    YES i think as long as the class has track width limits and wheel base and front and rear suspension limits it would be a super fun class but the only issue i see is that most of the trucks in that class would be using leafsprings in the rear, what if someone wants to race a fj cruiser or...
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    best prerunner to build?

    you cant go wrong now a days there are many great companys that build bolt on pre runn or race suspensions and kits that it makes it nice no matter what truck you want to drive or build there are great options out there . with all the new fabrication parts too on the market now it makes it...
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    SAN FELIPE 250 with Rigid Industries and DIRTCINEMA

    Rad video thanks i miss baja lol
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    The death of class 7s, and your opinions on how to fix it...

    well a 1450 truck is usually wider than a 7s truck so its still going to handle better than most 7s trucks but as long as your 7s trucks shocks can keep up and not fade out and its tuned too the T its a pretty close call to build or not to build lol i gues every racer just has to do his...