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  • Mike,

    The 1000 was great. My mind is all over the place about what car or race series to get into. Right now just doing as much homework as possible, I like class 7 but might consider a class 5 to get started. Ultimately I want to race SCORE but will consider some of the stateside series. I'll keep in touch will you, not sure when the finances will be together you know how that goes I'm sure. Let me know if you are going to any upcoming races in CA or AZ and I'll try to make it out. Rich
    I have a friend who has won the class 7SX Score class a couple of times in the past 5 years and a friend who owns a Trophy Lite truck, it all depends on how much money you want to spend. You need to figure out what organization you want to race with see how many are in the class you want to run and make sure you can commit to it. If you are serious about it and maybe want to join a club the Checkers are always looking for committed racers and pitters. Big difference in Class 7 and class 7SX especially money wise. If you find a car or truck you might think about buying let me know and I'll see if I can get some inside info on the vehicle for you. How was the 100?

    Mike TATA McDowell

    I will email the pic when I get a chance (it's on my home comp). Let me know on the races, I like to go spectate. My younger Brother Mike and I will be down in Baja for the 1000. As far as Dad goes, we could be racing a Trophy Truck for all the $$$ he has spent on hotrods! My bro and I want to get into a car in the future, maybe a 7 Truck.
    I was mistaken about that Husky after talking to my dad I realized it was your dads, my dad had one of the first 390 OR's in the states.
    Hell have your dad buy a race car and sponser you, could be a better write off then hot rods lol.
    My dad wants a copy of that pic of them if you can send it to my email I would appreciate it. I'll let you know what race I will be going to next maybe we could meet up at it.

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