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    TROPHYLITE GT Mint 400 Video

    Armagosa??? Isn't that in that middle of nv?? Same armagosa as the tt 250 went through? Yes, the race was tough. I don't think too many trucks finished with the body
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    TROPHYLITE GT Mint 400 Video

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    FiberwerX Sponsors DRIVE May 16th Race

    big thanks to Jason at Fiberwerx for stepping up and making this happen. DRIVE is a good deal, it is great to see companies like Fiberwerx step up and get involved.
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    Prayers for Bruce Ogilvie's family

    Bruce was a true innovator and somebody that helped take the sport to a new level. I have several friends that road for Bruce, they all said his preperation for any race was amazing, it seemed that every time Bruce's team went to a race, 2nd place was not an option. Godspeed Bruce
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    Speed Unlimited MC-10

    i saw this car at Glen Helen during a photo shoot a couple weeks ago. The thing is scary fast. Think of strapping a rocket on your back and trying to keep it under control, thats what you get here. The guys at Speed Unlimited did a great job on this build.
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    Mint 400 - TROPHYLITE in cab video

    ryan drives hard...
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    Montana plane crash

    We owned the same type of Pilatus airplane as the Feldkamps. When our plane was down for maintence, or the Feldkamps, we would use the other parties plane. The Feldkamps had a very experienced pilot that operated the airplane. The Pilatus PC12 probably has one of the best records in...
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    ***new trophylite 1600***

    if somebody orders one it will not be a problem. We can have one built in 4 weeks.
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    ***new trophylite 1600***

    Cody can give you a full report on the car. They tell me its the fastest 16 they have ever driven. The car was doing very well at SF 250 until a little rollover. I am attaching some links from trackside site of the car in action...
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    COPS Team RM122 Injury Update

    Props to Dave Caspino for bringing all of his med supplies. Until you have assisted in a major accident in Mexico, you will have no clue how much a stocked medical bag and a backboard will help the situation. Good job Dave, hopefully more people will follow your willingness to be prepared.
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    amazing.. you make going in circles actually look exciting
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    Re: Curt LeDuc's 10th Annual Off Road Swap Meet 2009

    My List of what I am taking: SMD/TROPHYLITE- Swap Meet List Quantity 1 Chassis built by TROPHYLITE 5 Chase Truck Jacks- need maintenance 11 37X17 BFG projects 3 39X17 BFG projects 4 Ron Davis Radiators and Oil Coolers 17 Shoei Visors- Mixed 4 Drivelines 1 Set of Alumacraft...
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    MDR Tearing Up Imperial Valley Desert.

    no... , I hope everybody races, as long as it is safe, it is great for the community... I am sure you guys would all be pissed off if you found out you were being charged for an illegitimate expense. Please prove me wrong, show me an some proof of payment. There have been collections of money...
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    MDR Tearing Up Imperial Valley Desert.

    I have done my fair share of research on for 6 months. I believe the motorcycle clubs and the county have put the cash in to make this happen. The motorcycle clubs claim that the car community has not put any cash forward. Argue with me all you want, but the motorcycle clubs have been fighting...
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    ***new trophylite 1600***

    what do you want on your car.. email me.