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  • like you come to run a road race in Los Cabos Baja California Sur? the next 6 and February 7 will do a road race called the Eastern Cape 250, in which we invite you to run, have a lot of participation from drivers who are in SCORE, I will mention a few:
    Luis Ramirez Jr., ex-driver Jefferies Racing
    Samuel Araiza
    Steve Barry
    Robert Ross
    etc ...
    I would like to know your answer.
    I say goodbye with a salute
    hey man.....dont let people get to you with your list making skills. i just correct people when i know the absolute correct answer. the few of us who have really came up with these lists have done some great research. i still haven't seen anyone else produce a class 1 list like mine......i got your back in any arguement against your facts!!!
    hey Robert i am trying to get some info on the SPD chevy bodies could you help me out i know that BJ owns his mold does Brian own his old chevy mold? im interested in buying one thx for the help
    I had a blast. I will be racing the 2009 BITD season and am locking in sponsorship. I built my truck; MCM Motorsports did my suspension; and it's a Geiser body. It took quite a while. You can see some video of the build and other pics (of another car I built) on my MySpace page under Shick Racing.
    Hey Robert, I know you are, or were, working on that list of all the Trophy Trucks in numerical order. How updated is that list? I was wondering if I could get a Word Doc. file of that to print out. Thanks!
    you know what happend to McBeath's 10 car? they were running great first 2 laps, but then it sounded like they had an exhaust issue. i see they didn't make it to the finish. car finally give up?
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