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    Whats up

    Timmmahhhh!!!! What up Cam, Cody, Kicker, and JGunn.
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    4x4 ibeams

    Looking Good! SF here we come!
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    Mulisha Winter X practice

    Good photos Crap.
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    Our team (West Racing) had a great time. It was a fun little race. Had a few small problems but still managed to take first in 7s. Thanks to CODE for going three laps instead of two. See you at the next race. West Racing CODE # 720
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    Anybody know when the Curt LeDuc offroad swapmeet is this summer? Contact info?
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    FULL TERRIBLE\'S TOWN 250 VIDEO We finialy got around to editing the footage that we shot at the Terrible's Town 250. This is our first attempt at a film, so let us know what you think. TERRIBLE'S TOWN 250 (ENCODED FOR WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9) Sorry about the problems with the trailer, we...
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    Re: TERRIBLE\'S TOWN 250 SHORT FILM COMING SOON Sorry about that we are using the new windows media player nine codec distributed by microsoft (WM9VCM) If you go to the site below, and scroll all the way down you will find the download. Install it and reopen your player and it should work...
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    TERRIBLE\'S TOWN 250 SHORT FILM COMING SOON Here's the latest from The full film will be up in a few short days. TT250 TRAILER Tim
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    Fullerton Police!!!

    Martin I filled a complaint about 5 min after the incident occured and was suprised at how upset the CHP guy was about his officers behavior. He even apologized for the event and said it should not of happened. Tim
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    Fullerton Police!!!

    I too was raised to respect police, however i am getting sick and tried of officers who abuse their power. Two weeks ago i was driving back from San Diego to San Luis Obispo i was pulled over in ventura while stopping to get gas. It was like 4am i was driving the speed limit and obeying all...
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    Time for a new Clutch....

    Don't know how similar Fords and yota's are, but I put a centerforce stage II in my ranger about a year ago and it has held up well. This is with 31's stock gearing and very frequent punishment in the dunes.
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    Taco Tues in San Diego?

    Just might have to come down from pismo for that one! Urban off-roading anyone? Used to hang out in PB before i went away to school, love that place. Count me in. Tim
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    TT 250 PICS

    Pics turned out good! I should have the video I shot of that jump up by the end of the week.
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    Gordons jump

    While we are on the topic of big air, and sequence shots thought i'd throw up this sequence we made, from those other dunes up north (Pismo). The truck is not mine. Check out those bedsides on the landing. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by prerunpismo on 04/22/03 09:48 AM (server...