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    *Official* 2012 SCORE Baja 500 Update Thread

    TT 76 Jesse Jones is having a good Baja 500! Fingers crossed, must be driving another new truck!
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    Anyone using FAST fuel injection in the desert?

    If you can afford it shoot for a system with sequential injection, and if you are going distributor less, sequential coil outputs. A spark retard, not a spark cut for a rev limiter. Load it with as much memory as it will hold for data acquisition and set the sample rates as fast as possible...
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    Robby Gordon Invades Wahoo's Fish Tacos this Saturday!!!!

    Caution Fly, don't jinx it!!! We still have 672.85 miles before any celebration can begin.
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    Lowrance GPS Question

    Sounds like your 540 is really voltage sensitive, at or around 12 volts is it, they will not power up or stay on below that. Either you have a high compression engine or your battery(s) do not have enough cranking amps or both? Try a re-wire taking the units directly to the battery(s) or...
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    Rob Mac driving for Mastercraft

    Here is what Rob is driving this weekend, straight from a MasterCraft press release.
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    Robby Gordon Okay??

    Last twitter post was the 7 car was going out 32nd for qualifying.
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    2009 SCORE Primm 300 map

    Here it is.
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    GPS files

    The ORAF file from the MORE site is very bad and loaded with stuff that has nothing to do with the race course. Here it is cleaned up and ready for use in any Lowrance GPS unit.
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    GPS files

    Yes the second set of files worked converting from Garmin to Lowrance.
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    GPS files

    Lowrance units need/read .usr files. I opened your .gpx files and got 141 plot points. I saved your .gpx files as .usr files for a Lowrance. Attached is a picture of your furnished .kmz file from Google Earth.
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    Jesse Jones Roll Over Any pics or Video?

    His pilot landed the plane. Jesse got out while the plane was still moving and the pilot took off. There is a little bit more to that story but Jesse's wife is a RDC member :)
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    Jesse Jones Roll Over Any pics or Video?

    Parker python 2006 - Classic! Went big on a jump and took a nose dive that broke an oil cooler. Showed up at that race with 2 TT's Bought and had delivered a huge Weekend Warrior for the wife and kids to stay in because the Blue Water was sold out. Had to buy a Topkick to get it home!
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    Congratulations Curt Geer

    Congratulations to Kent and your shop for building such a well designed, proven racecar. To all the team members for the great pit work. And to Dave and Bryan for raising such great sons!
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    Looking for Map of Lauglin Course

    I can build you maps from GPS race files but you will be indebted for life! Send me a PM with your requirements.
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    Jesse Jones is a madman.

    PCI Scott is saying the motor was a throw together, so that just proves Jesse can drive anything and the Geiser brothers build the best trucks right out of the box!