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    Mullen Fabworks '93 Chevy 1500 build

    Truck turned out sweet Brent. I was wondering how well the stock toyota brakes were going to work on a truck of that size and hp. They are probably even better than the stock ones that truck comes with. Any plans on doing a 4wd kit? -Rob
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    Parker 425 2010 photos

    1749? Red and blue Jeepspeed.
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    Parker 425 photos Mikes Race Photo

    1749? Red, white and blue Jeepspeed.
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    South of San Quintin?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Some really helpful info. I think we'll stay at the desert inn in san quintin on the way down then just drive south as much as possible, hit highway to rosario then turn off again and make our way down to san carlos from Punta Baja and try not to get too lost...
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    South of San Quintin?

    Heading to baja in a couple weeks to take the prerunners out, do some surfing, and just have some fun. Looking to stay on the west side of the peninsula. Made the run to san quintin from ensenada a bunch of times but havent done much exploring south of that with the exception of a day trip to...
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    chevy 2500HD long travel?

    Does anyone know what JD fab did for axles on that 4wd kit? Are they custom, lengthened stockers or what?
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    ***VIDEO - Bugz on the Edge - VIDEO***

    Sweet vid. Makes me wanna get into class 11 so bad.
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    Vehicle Storage in Ensenada

    hmm thats not a bad idea. I think id rather just drive my prerunner the whole way if it comes down to that though.
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    Vehicle Storage in Ensenada

    I"ll be leaving it for about 7 days give or take a day. Ive stayed at San Nicholas before but wouldnt want to leave my truck and trailer there unattended for a whole week, just a bit too easy to get into that lot with the one shady security guard working there. I don't mind renting as long...
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    Vehicle Storage in Ensenada

    I know this is an old thread but in light of the recent escalation in crime this past year I was wondering if anybody had any recomendations on a place i could store my truck and trailer while prerunning for a week. My plan was to leave it at Estero beach but they said they do not allow...
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    4x4 ibeams

    There were a couple vids on youtube of it. I thought the explorers had AWD t-cases as well, guess i was right.
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    San Felipe to San Quintin

    And yes this is an offroad trip to clear that up. Want to be on the highway as little as possible.
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    San Felipe to San Quintin

    We are going in a group of 2 built rangers and a couple dual purpose rock crawlers that are set up for the high speed stuff as well. The initial plan is to go from ensenada through ojos and stay at mikes for the first night, then to san felipe for a night, then somehow get to san quintin in a...
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    Fun in the USA, Apple Valley to Pioneertown

    That trip looks like a blast especially in the winter time. I too would love a map of this if you got it.
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    4x4 ibeams

    Good to know at least someone has done this on a 2wd ranger. Your prerunner was a big inspiration for me wanting to make mine 4wd by the way. one of my roommates is a bronco afficionado and mentioned that he didnt think the tcase would fit between a ranger frame easily. maybe a V8 explorer t...