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    The Channel is "Code Red"

    Irascible & Grouchy? YES! Cool Under Fire? YES! Cranky & Impatient? YES! Expert in Sleepless Nights? YES! Sarcastic & Gruff? YES! Maestro of the Airwaves? YES! Obstinate & Ornery? YES! Super-Qualified Guardian of the Off-Road Race Community? YES! A man of MANY contradictions...
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    RIP Art Savedera

    Art was truly one of the “Good Guys”, and will be missed by old-timers and newbies alike. The CHECKERS OFF-ROAD RACING TEAM thought so much of him that in 2006 we awarded him our perennial VIC VAN ELLA TROPHY. This coveted 30-year-old award is given only to organizations or individuals who...
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    Score rule change for Trophy Truck Spec

    SCORE TT Spec rule CR12 Wheels & Tires typographical error has been corrected. Wheel and tire size is not restricted
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    403X Did assist a fellow racer in need and was NOT one of the injured racers. Please be respectful to the family and put this rumor to rest. The family is very distraught after hearing about the postings on this forum.
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    The SCORE Rulebook is on the SCORE-International.com website. There is no cost to view or print the rulebook.
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    IV 250 raceday thread

    Yes, I have it up through the SCORE website
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    IV 250 raceday thread

    Here is the actual link to tracking http://score-international.com/iv/tracking/
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    Enough is Enough !!!

    Immediately following announcement of the SCORE 2014 schedule,this forum became the source of many thread replies ranging from questionsabout HDRA staff integrity, frenzied speculation about our sincerity, and allthe way up to calling Roger Norman a liar. The majority of people posting have not...
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    HDRA Moapa Big Horn 300 Sep 27-29 2013

    Please call me in the HDRA office and I can answer all your questions. 702-407-3059
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    Big O Tires $1,250.00 Class 10 Bonus at Reno HDRA Race!!!

    Thanks to Jim and Big O Tires for their support of HDRA. We look forward to seeing all the Class 10 guys in Reno. Remember, if there are 10 or more entries you will be given an opportunity to qualify. Registration is open by going to hdrarace.com
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    September Race rumors???

    To clarify my statement of same date. The race will be the weekend of Sept 27 - 28.
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    HDRA Ridgecrest, who is going?

    I spoke with Robert, the spectator area is at mile marker 58, Enter at the main pit and go through past the last pit. The area is marked with orange snow fence. Closing down office and leaving for Ridgecrest! See everyone there.
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    King Shocks HDRA 250 Map and Driver/Team Notes

    Robert Gross will be a guest on Dirt Live Tuesday night, April 2nd at 7 PM, to review the map and discuss the race course. The broadcast will include a tour of the BJ Baldwin Las Vegas race shop and discussion with BJ. Be sure and mark your schedule to watch. If you have any specific...
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    King Shocks HDRA 250 April 5 - 7 Registration Deadline

    I have not be able to speak with Race Operations as they are working on the course for the next few days and out of cell range. I will talk with them when they return and get back to you early next week.
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    King Shocks HDRA 250 April 5 - 7 Registration Deadline

    Anyone with pre-run fuel needs, please call Brian Busby at 949-870-5773 and he will coordinate with you.