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Oct 23, 2002
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St George, UT
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    1. zen pro racing
      zen pro racing
      interested in the baja 1000 copilot/navigator opening have mucho baja race experience and used to live in ogden but now in baja for the past decade..please email me [email protected]
      I'm interested. The 50th BAJA 1000 is on my bucket list. I have plenty of experience in every aspect of owning, working on and racing offroad vehicles. Currently racing in BITD. Send me an e-mail [email protected] with your contact info.
      Wayne Guidinger
    3. sredish
      Hey there. I started a conversation with you as a member to send over some bio information to you. My email is [email protected] and phone is 903-651-5151. I'm very interested in potentially being part of your 1000 team and was already planning on being there in some aspect. Thanks! - Scott
    4. lifted&slifted
      Hi I'm interested in the opportunity of co-driving for you at this years Baja 1000. I currently race my own 7100 Ranger in BITD and have 2 Raptors with friends that can chase sections. Please email or text me so we can make arrangements on testing/tuning sessions that I can be involved in leading up to the race. (909)746-7240 [email protected]
    5. MX808
      I saw your 4x4 prerunner build up and I was wondering if you wouldnt mind tellingwhat it cost after it was all said and done because I am looking into doing something similar.
    6. MBELITE
      Any chance you have any pictures of the front end work on your truck? I'm doing the conversion to 5 5 1/2 you posted and was curious about what type of calipers i should use and what has to be done to the spindles?
    7. MBELITE
      That info was very helpful thanks! Do you by chance have any pics of you new hub and brake setup?
    8. BrandMattice
      dont know if youve found any tabs yet just wanted to let you know that you can try using 1 tab per set of straps on each side of the diff. if you use 3/16" 4130 with a good weld job, that is. ive been getting away with it for years on our TT's @ Geiser with even less surface area than the ones in your pic have. also to separate the straps i weld in a 1"x.250" wall by 3/4'' long spud in the tab. otherwise you can just keep the 1/2" hole and stack a couple washers on each side and still look clean. Good luck..- brandon
    9. chicken lips the ocho
      chicken lips the ocho
      doh! how did i missed that, its a good looking truck, i really like the super crew pre-runners like yours(cant wait to see somebody do a late model tacoma)
    10. chicken lips the ocho
      chicken lips the ocho
      if its cool with you can you pm pics of your truck? it looks really good in your avatar but its too small
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    Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer
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