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  • Yes i'm still alive ..Going to Baja this week with Mike going to mile 147.5 to watch.I think
    your Dad is going to be there..
    bahahahaha I got some *GOOOOOOD* pics! It was nice to finally meet your wifey!~
    Jenn all is well . Went to Havasu over Labor day ..Didn't seem like
    it was that packed...Lot of people don't have the money for gas..??Going
    to Primm this weekend what about you ..
    Heyy! I haven't seen you on in a longggg time! Hope all is well with the fam bam! Have a great Holiday weekend!
    Ohh it's a*ok I suppose! Bummed you couldn't make it .. I had too much fun! I couldn't drive home! Luckily my friend lives around the corner and my other friend was a sober one! So we hung out for a bit then made our way home... Oh man bowling was interesting! We ended up doing everything it was a blast! The arcade, cosmic bowling, the movie, radio show, drinking, eating, hanging out, met some new faces, etc etc.. Got in touch with my inner bro-ha'ness with the Dirt Alliance Krew.
    Ended up working late trying to get the Gasper / Porter car done for the 500. Wanted
    to go but got home @11PM..Sorry ..One nite after work i'll buy you a drink..Later. Heard
    you all had fun..
    Duuuuude!! I have been legal .. I am going to be 23!~ I am getting oldddd... I was 21 at the drawing party! I am craving a Havasu trip too!!!
    So when did you turn legal ( 21 ) ? i guess this means i need to buy you some drinks..
    As the heat goes i wish i was in Havasu. 2 more weeks until there ..Talk to you soon.
    Awesome awesome!! Looking forward to seeing you guys .. As always! Yayy for me.. I get to be in rare Jenn form at the movie premier! I was telling Curtis (DP6) hwo exciting to be able to legally drink as you watch a movie! OHHHHH YAHHHHH haha!

    As far as me not knowing something... I try to stay informed.. and active! I have some great contacts who contribute in feeding me info., but for the most part I try to keep up to date by my own research!~ : )

    100+ degrees in the IE this weekend... You ready for it?
    Dezzz Dadddd!!~ How are you? How is the fam?? Will you guys be going to the Trevi Torr/Dez People Checkpoint 6 deal on May 28th!?!?
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