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    Speed Pre-Order

    Got to admire a person like himself putting his neck out on the line against these multi millionaire companies . Always root for the guy , too bad for me I cant afford one since I bought me a can-am (pulled the trigger before production even started).
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    2020 Curt LeDuc Swap Meet

    yeah Curt just teases people with the post but in all reality its cancelled . lol ( cant believe that still goes on , wonder if the dezertranger post still F*** with people ??
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    2020 Curt LeDuc Swap Meet

    Please post it Curt tired of these guys texting me and keep asking .
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    PISTOL PETES WRECKED tt spec (crashed by dead beats who wont pay)

    If we could whoop peoples A** like the good old days , this world would be a better place . You just cant do it anymore a real bummer .
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    Welders...? What would you buy

    I have a Everlast TIG with a stick integrated into it which I don't use at all . I love that Everlast, best $800 I ever spent that was before the inflation . lol
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    sticky back sheet metal panel liner

    thank you guys for that lead , I wonder if they sell it in big sheets ? Gonna take a look at RV websites , everyone have a good and safe weekend
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    sticky back sheet metal panel liner

    Thought I give it a shot and see if someone could steer me in the right direction or the name . I noticed a lot of the UTV sheet metal roof have this really thin liner on the roof , I'm assuming to help the rattle noise !! Not exactly sure what its full purpose is but if anyone can get me the...
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    Baja 500

    oh its only gonna get worst lol everyone have safe travels and safe racing
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    Havasu UTV shops

    In need of a respectable UTV (Polaris ) in the Havasu area . Anyone has some experience or recommendations with or any shops ?? Thank you in advance
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    facebook vs. RDC

    I don't wanna write a full thought or story , all I have to say is I admire my parents /uncles / grandparents all the old timers . People back then that had to actually use there brain and figure SHHHH out and had self esteem not all this FB/IG/snapchat BS . An this world is jacked up cause of...
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    Mexicali Police

    Well I was bored here and read everyone's story , and I must say WOW . Its sad that a lot of the people that head down there boost's there economy and some how some way they always stick it to the people that are helping there country . If the roles were turned here we would get 5-10 years in...
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    "Pistol" Pete Sohren - is he wanted on RDC? - needed?

    I always looked for his posts , I would always catch a good laugh. He would piss off so many , you know your doing something good when you piss off a crowd lol . VIVA LA PISTOLA
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    Happy Birthday RDC

    Feliz Cumpleanoz RDC !!! ARRIVA ARRIVA thanks for giving us dirt people a place to come and chop the soup up . An for classified I saved so much money buying parts off classified lol
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    Who else makes axles

    Thank you for that info , even great there only 45 minutes away in Lake Havasu .
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    Who else makes axles

    Im looking for someone to make me some custom axles , im guessing summer bros might be too busy . They don't even return phone calls , any leads are really appreciated . Could use something in the near future . TIA