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    25% off of already discounted prices in the Dezert People store!

    I forgot to change the prices back to normal after our last sale so you can take advantage of the already discounted prices with an additional 25% off for the holidays! Use the code DP25 at checkout. Click here -> Dezert People Store The DP25 code also works in the RDC store if you would like...
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    Dezert People Digital Downloads

    One of our digital downloads partners (Gumroad) is offering 100% of sales to their producers today, April 7th, 2021. Visit our digital downloads page at Digital Downloads for all of our download options. DP 1-5 and Money Shots (only $2.99-6.99) are all through the Gumroad platform but we also...
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    20% off all Dezert People videos until April 30th 2021

    From now until April 30th, 2021 get 20% off of all Dezert People DVD's and Blu-Rays. This includes items already on sale. Use the code DP20 at checkout. Click here -> DP Videos DP Money Shots trailer: DP16 trailer: