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    Limit the amount of riders per team @ SCORE?

    I think it comes down to the cost of racing SCORE, and that’s it. Desert Racing hasn’t gotten any more dangerous on a motorcycle, if anything it’s become safer with the advances in tracking as well as MEDVAC support. I’m opposed to the amount of riders you’re allowed during a race, 6 riders on...
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    Parker 250 Prep Rides

    I doubt BITD won’t blade the course. They’ve always been pretty good about ensuring it’s relatively smooth. No guarantees of course but Parker is typically one of the easier races during the season.
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    Best 450x suspension set up guy.

    My suspension goes to Pro Circuit. Everything they've done for me has been good right out of the box. They're also quick, dropped off at their HQ and had suspension back to Henderson in a week. All others mentioned I'm sure are good as well.
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    Donald Jackson resigns as Operations Manager of BITD

    I think Legacy is gonna turn into a great race organization. As far as desert racing goes, I don't think you could've picked a better team to start a brand new organization. They're not doing it for the money, fame, or attention, they're doing it to put on good races. Don and Liz already have a...
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    Mojave Trail - Photos, favorite areas and places to see

    Here is a pretty detailed GPS file of the Mojave Trail from PCI. They also have a couple other places as well.
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    Big Bike Class & Parker

    When I raced Blue Water on my bike in 2016 I didnt care for it. The trucks ruin the course to where it's not enjoyable. Not that desert racing is supposed to be smooth in any sense but its retarded how bad the course gets.
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    2020 Mint

    Any intermediate/hard terrain tire will work. When I've been on a budget, I've ran a Kenda Trakmaster rear along with a Shinko MX216 front. If you can afford mousses, awesome however if you can't, Bridgestone UHD tubes with 8OZ of slime works good as well. With the laps being 80 miles its...
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    Big Bike Class & Parker

    If you mean how wide the course is, I wouldn't worry about anything. Its the same course as the Parker 425 except we turn back to Main at Midway, making for an 80 mile lap or so. Its bladed prior to raceday and for the most part a highway, a few spots that are rocky but they don't last long.
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    Would you rather, Mint or ultra4 KOH?

    What does that have to do with one's racing career? That issue is up to the promoters to solve, of which I'm sure will be resolved for next year.
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    Would you rather, Mint or ultra4 KOH?

    KOH. Better coverage, enough said. Until the Martelli's can get on board with Dave's live coverage he had, there wont be a competition. Money is nice but neither will ever be able to hand out enough money to make a difference in this sport (Let's face it, what is Bryce really going to do with 100G?)
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    I am fairly new to this and have a question about Baja/Ensenada!

    I buy a case of Monster's/RedBull's specifically for that reason. Makes all the checkpoints easier if you hand them a frosty beverage!
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    I am fairly new to this and have a question about Baja/Ensenada!

    Common sense trumps all in Baja. For the most part the threat level down south isnt much worse than what you would expect in the states, but at the end of the day you're still in Mexico. I suggest joining the Ride Baja group on Facebook. Lots of racers, enthusiasts, and Baja locals on that group...
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    2020 Mint 400

    If they use the same course as previous years, you shouldnt have a problem going back and forth between both remote pits, however im not sure if it will be allowed. So have a plan to staff both pits with your crew just in case. As far as camping goes, you won't have much space at Main but you...
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    2020 Mint 400

    @Kritter you already said it yourself. Exposure is the reason why teams are showing up. It's never been known as a race where racers show up to chase the money, maybe thats changing though? For the record, I raced last year on a bike. Didn't care for it too much last year however now that NHHA...