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  • Hope your surviving ok. I get more comments from different folks about your avatar. And those on the left like it for one reason, while those on the right quite another. I just think it's great. One guy down by Eglin AFB thought about making t-shirts with it.
    Sorry, my box is full. If you want to send me something you don't want public in vm's, just use the email address. Thanks!
    Hey stranger! I had a question for ya. I know Wayne makes small parts or did. What exactly does he make? Medical stuff?
    Ann, I must admit I opened your post with some trepidation. As is often the case I was utilizing hyperbole to express my outrage at the costs involved in the WH&B programs, including this $700 mil... There has to be a more equitable solution. You and Wayne have a great weekend. Well, I'm climbing back under my rock for a while.
    I was gonna send you pictures of my toys that I thought you'd find interesting. Sadly, a crazy girl stole my digital camera and deleted all my photos. Next time I open the safe, I'll do it again and send you the pics. No crazy girls will be around for that one!!!!!!

    Hope you're well Ann.
    There will soon be pictures up of my "experince", so stay tuned. Also, send me your private email addy, as I will have pictures I won't want to share with the forum.

    No you sick bastards, not THOSE kind of pictures...LOL!!!
    Thanks for the friendship Hope you had a great weekend. where at in the desert are you from? I just moved from Hesperia. Keep in touch and take care.
    thanks for the invite, im gonna go on a wild guess here but im gonna go ahead and say you like horses, my dad bought a horse for 20 bucks and sold it the next day for 1k, pretty good buiseness
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