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  • Hey! Thanks. I forgot it was my bday as I was in Mexico. Looks like you had one too. Congrats - Happy Birthday to you too!
    i would have you call Mike Catalano - he is my contact over there. I hate valet! They are thieves, too! 702-824-5786. Tell him exactly what you posted on how they say they can't go that far back in the tapes - that's bull**
    Yep, We'll be out there the 29 thru the 2nd. Lets hook up and have one for old times!
    Heya girly! Just saying Hi! We havent talked in a while. Missed ya for thanksgiving. Hope all is well.
    Hey Gabby!

    Hope all is well and you had a great Halloween as well as Thanksgiving! Had not seen you on here lately hope all is well!

    So I hear it through the grapevine huh? Lol. J/K. Sorry you won't be making it AGAIN. Hope to see you soon though.
    i have no idea. its som lil place with a half dozen little cottages....sumptin like that....
    My friend and I are coordinating all of the volunteers (very scary) but we'll actually be at start/finish helping with timing during the race. We'll be at tech too! Are you still planning to help Jamie?
    OMG I can't wait! It should be fun putting a face to all these crazy personalities. Are you pitting with Pat?
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