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  • Those are fantastic! Next time I'm blowing through Oceanside (one of my favorite places) I'll check her out for me and the fam. She's awesome!
    Wow love the new picture!/Avatar!! Did you get a bunch done or just the one? woo hoo!
    LOL. It's been funny lately. At Crandon, Tim Sanchez was making a big deal filming me eating a bratwurst instead of watching the pro lite race on dirtnewz. HAHAHAHA. Sanchez kills me.
    something happend I am at work and got texts that said wtf haha dunno what happend though sorry
    thanks. if i get it done ill have to give you a ride. i promise it wont be very fun compared to a 1/2 1600
    sounds like a good plan to me. im probably just going to enjoy working so i can have my car ready to go chase at the next one. keeping my fingers crossed
    Don't say she's purtty, Chevy trucks get man names. Chevy trucks are manly, that's why they get names like "Arnold" "Butch" and "Attila".

    not much has been going on. just the usual. and yes i went out to the night race and a couple weeks before that i was at the more day/night 500. how are you and whats your excuse for not being at the last race?? lol
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