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  • We'd like to be racing the B1K again this year but have decided to do Vegas to Reno instead. Still hoping to get down to even do a little play riding but we'll see.

    Baja is the thing I miss most about having grown up in San Diego and it's gotten to the point where I'm ready to move south just to cut the commute to the border.

    We did 150 miles today in what passes for our "baja" up here in the great white north. Had a great ride.

    Good luck to you guys!

    Be safe
    Dude I'm bummed I wasn't able to go watch the dash... work got in the way... and here I am again back at work (sigh) if I hadn't had to work today I would have been down there last night!! I hope you have a great new year and can't wait for the next desert trip!! :D
    are you gonna make it for thanksgiving you gotta go for round two and this time i wanna be in the rhino when you roll!!!
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