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    Team tracking: How do you do it?

    The team i am on use Telcel internet sticks so we have internet for our laptops. With the internet we can view the tracking sites. Even though the sites were not that accurate at some times we can still get an idea of where the truck is. Cell reception is not the best in some areas but with...
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    Occupy the F-ing desert.

    what would happen if we all got together holding signs about save our deserts in a peaceful way. In addition also have publicity like the news and radio record a peaceful protest while the BLM is handing out tickets. If as many people went to this type of an event just like a race how many...
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    Trophy Truck Leap at Perris speedway

    Just was checking out the schedule for the Perris Speedway. Saw that they are having a trophy truck long jump. Does anybody have any more info on the event? The event is scheduled for Sept. 8th
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    Anyone crossing border (TJ) on Friday morning?

    Anybody planning on crossing the border around 7-8pm friday?
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    NEW DVD! BRAGGING RIGHTS coming 4-20-12

    I got my copy in the mail last night but my work hours have interfered with viewing it last night. Just about to kick back and watch it right now
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    New law that may be good for off-roaders ??

    Doesn't California City already have something similar that goes between the town and the offroad riding area.
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    New Doherty Motorsports class 8

    Who makes the exhaust clamps used on the headers?
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    Where will you be listening the Weatherman from?

    I plan on taking my laptop to work and listening to weatherman while driving from one job to the next. Only if my phone internet handles all the driving around
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    Sturdy Steering Idler Arm Mounting Solution???

    can you post pics of how you have the steering box mounted?
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    BLM report for SNORE Ridgecrest Event

    Thanks for going to the meetings and keeping us updated
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    oxy,acetlene cutting torch

    I rather use my oxy/acetlene torch on anything thicker than 1/8 inch. But i always use my plasma cutter on 1/8 or thinner so the sheetmetal doesnt doesnt warp from all the heat from the oxy acetlene torch
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    CNC training in the San diego/Temecula area

    The job I'm applying for will train me as i go. But i wanted to learn some basics before i got hired so I could get possibly get a better pay rate and don't look to incompetent too. Thanks for the advice Partybarge_pilot I think i will just go for it.
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    CNC training in the San diego/Temecula area

    Looking for a school or training facility that is in the vicinity of San Diego or the temecula area. Everything I have found so far is either non-descriptive on how long or how much it will cost. What is everybody opinion on where to go?
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    new bed or what can i do too fix this?!

    from past experience with my f150 with similar damage. The cost to get it repaired by a body shop with a new skin it was going to be $2200. it was cheaper to go find a wrecking yard with a good condition. should be able to pick one up for around $500. Or go the route of getting fiberglass fenders.