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    read this lol

    So just got home from a night run through three peaks rec area if u have never heard of it look up cedar city grand prix on YouTube. But me and two buddies them in his bone stock 97 ranger and me in my stock 02 ram 1500 just went on a no light night drive after they got to close for comfort so...
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    long travel for dodge help

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a long travel kit for a 02 ram 1500 4x4
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    little help

    Hey I'm sure their are ways to find it but I am new here and have been stricken by jeepspeed and can't seem to find a thread dedicated to it can anyone help me out
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    bad luck for mac i was hoping he would pull it out
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    this is awesome sitting here with all trackers for 1400 on the screen listening to the feeds with my one year old and every time a tracker moves he gets excited and points at the screen and laughs
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    i was clicking the post button when yours posted lol
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    irc tracker for rob mac isnt updating still showing him at mile 98
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    now i feel dumb lol just realized what that irc link was lol
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    It's a good thing this isn't a sport you have to be young to be competitive I'm only 24 and its gonna be a few years or so before I get a chance to jump in a car and race. But like I said at least you don't have to be young to be competitive like in your more common sports... Nfl, Nba, UFC
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    Hope they put this race on red bull tv like last year's mint couldn't make it to the race this year
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    Baja Edge Of Control

    Idk if y'all still play this game just got it then went straight into the 1000 and loved it if anyone wants to play gamer tag is shark11b
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    what to do

    Not hard to got to the race as a spectator just the gas to pull a trailer woheld be the hard part my dodge is a gas sucker getting to the track in Vegas or tooele is easy without that extra weight behind me. I also wouldn't be getting into the sport alone I have a couple of buddies that wanna...
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    Lucas Oil Regional - Utah Series

    You guys should look into coming to cedar city there is a track here it called iron mine race way
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    what to do

    I was thinking about building a mini stock I live in southern Utah my biggest challenge is affording to actually go to the races. I'm young and married with a baby. So its probably a long shot for me to get into this sport but it's a dream I refuse to give up on
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    what to do

    Hi all I'm new to the sport been a spectator for years but I'm tired of sitting on the stands. I'm sure there is another thread about this but I couldn't find it. I'm wanting to know what is the best route for me to affordably get into short course and be competitive. And how much am I looking...