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    DanZio Class 1 testing Plaster City

    Can you let me know next time you have a chase truck doing over a 100mph down the highway, Dont want my family and I on the same road.
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    GPS routes from Santo Tomas to San Queniten

    You really dont have to be down on the beach. There are plenty of ways up on the cliff. Lots of farms though with dead end roads. Last year we almost lost a quad on in the ocean with a really high tide!
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    GPS routes from Santo Tomas to San Queniten

    Dont worry about high tide!
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    VW baja bug suspension

    In Santee Fiber-Tech 10809 Prospect Ave. 619-448-0221
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    Great week for the DA!

    damn that sucks. They looked really good and then they fell off. Well if they run the way they were last weekend, they should have a shot at the baja 500!
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    Great week for the DA!

    what bout Bean and jeremy?
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    A Big Thanx

    I just wanted to say thanx to the guys of "The Flyin Dutchman" for welding my travel ram out at the grass patch. For that reason i got to finish the race. AGAIN THANK YOU. You guys are awsome in my book! Jeremy 1608
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    Picks for 250!

    TT: BJ Baldwin CL1: Hovey, Mcmillin, Richardson 16: Kennedy,Garcia, James 12:Steele, Potter, 10: Hardesty, Hutchins
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    cameron is looking for his birthday ????

    from all of us at outlaw racing we wish you a happy b-day! see you down there!
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    Sal Fish and SCORE Appreciation Thread

    alls i can say is that sal is the man! after all that has gone on with this race we still get to race. i don't care where i race as long as i get to race. THANK YOU SAL!!!!
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    what about having it at petes camp?
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    2007 San Flippy Top Tips

    TT- Post, BJ Baldwin, Cadiente CL 1- Herder, James, Wilson CL 12- Steele, Potter, Noe CL 10- Hardesty, Wik CL 1600- Kennedy, Mcmilin, James/Bean
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    SF 250 drawing?

    man the anticpation is killing me!
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    Imperial Extreme Cross (Rhino Race)

    maybe we can get a time trial race for buggies 1/2-1600 and others.
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    Driver Wanted

    Looking for a driver to race San Felipe 250. Needs to have experience in 1600. Call Jeremy @ 619-952-3038 for more details.