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    Video-Rage at the River

    Featuring Dirt Alliance team Drivers Nick Isenhouer, Chris Isenhouer, and Darren Parsons
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    Hdra 250. Wow

    Here are a few more pics:
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    Hdra 250. Wow

    Big thanks to HDRA for sure! They ran a top notch event, and every staff member was a pleasure to work with. The race course was awesome and challenging, so challenging, that 2 of our 3 team trucks DNF'ed but congrats are in order to team driver Craig Reynolds for finishing 3rd in 1400. Darren...
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    Dirt Alliance x Icon x 2011 LA Auto Show

    2011 Los Angeles Auto Show: November 18 - 27th Dirt Alliance & Icon Vehicle Dynamics partner up for the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show ( The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the top automotive events worldwide, bringing together the latest new vehicles from auto...
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    Dirt Alliance x Dirt Kings

    Hello! After a LONG hiatus Dirt Alliance is BACK! We are STOKED to announce a partnership with DIRT KINGS Dirt Kings is the off-road magazine you’ve been waiting for! Packed full of amazing trucks, carnage, huge jumps, hot models, explosions, motocross action, guns, parties, pranks &...
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    "Off Road Drivers Union"

    haha... best of luck on your ventures dan
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    Class 1 and TORC

    "It's the DRIVER that makes the difference. If the top 25 drivers in shortcourse all decided to race the pro-buggy class (Greaves, Renezeder, Rob Mac, Robby Gordon, Jeff Kincaid, RJ, etc.) then someone would probably want to publicize that. Pro buggy would then be the elite top level class...
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    5 ways to get Californian's out to a short course race

    I agree on the one day events as well for the crowd - I'm into the action & it's still just TOO much... haha - Imagine the general public here... There was quite a bit of traditional advertising for this event as well as some viral & event marketing - The billboard concept I did see was...
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    5 ways to get Californian's out to a short course race

    My .02 People are saying - "The racing was first class, The program was great & the pits were perfect" The crew did the impossible and turned a chunk of dirt into an A Plus Facility for the weekend - I know that's a task at Elsinore... The goal of TV is to showcase this racing to the masses...
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    Dirt tour 09!!!

    We have some super talented artists coming out of LA & SF, that have done work for QUIKSILVER & ACURA to name a few - If your only into off-road & nothing else then I can definitely imagine you not having a fun time here - Your probably better off just attending off-road desert races...
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    Dirt tour 09!!!

    the funds collected are going to the athlete recovery fund benefiting Jeremy Lusk, Stephen Murray & other injured riders & athletes, so it's for a good cause... sorry your girl didn't win...
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    SXS Stadium Series June 20th

    "Jessica Maine & her all girl streetbike stunt team "Team Rebella" will be performing along along with Sick Nick, two time Sickest Trick Champion in 2008, and Stunt Farm at the 5th round of the Mickey Thompson/Kal-Gard Lubricant's SXS Stadium Series on June 20'th at the Perris Auto Speedway...
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    Dirt tour 09!!!

    Dirt Tour's coming up pretty soon here...We'll be having a kick off party pretty soon here at Pole Position in Corona - If anyone's down to show off there truck bring it down - We'll also be doing $16 charity races with some of the proceeds benefiting the WFP... We'll have free tickets to the...
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    Dirt tour 09!!!

    Appreciate the support guys!!! It will def. be a good time - Maybe there's a few of you who want to bring your rigs on down to showcase in front of everyone??? Anyone that's looking for some sponsors - Most of the clothing/lifestyle brand's that are apart of the scene will be on hand -...
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    extreme show this weekend

    This show is awesome - What else are you gonna do this weekend? If your close to OC - Get on out there - It's that simple ;) Dirt Alliance will be rockin it as always - Come find us for some freebies & to play with some RC Cars!!