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  • It said " the last time I gave a **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** I got f**ked"
    nope didnt make it out... didnt get my new front shocks built in time for the race... gerardo iribe worked hard but it didnt happen... oh well theres always next year besides my mom and sister werent ready for the race at all... i will have them testing early next year so it will be much more comfortable for them both... yeah all is good just busy with school and work but i cant wait to get racing again next year, i plan on racing a few snore races next year! hopefuliy i will see u out there
    haha... i remember ur nickname. ROQ-Roll Over Queen... thats awesome... at least u were driving hard enough to go over.... i have been over only 1 time... 4th gear pinned at the 2004 primm 300, stuck the front bumper n 2 the dirt just before Jean Dry lake... there were 3 big holes and i hit them as fast as i could and thats all the car wrote... lost count at 5 endo's... dont wanna do that again... it hurt a lil' bit! is ur car all ready to go for the powder puff??
    Yes, We are racing the MINT. I am going to drive the first 300 miles then Jimmy Messick is going to finish. Are You going to race Your car?
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