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    BITD Blue Water Desert Classic @@PHOTOS@@

    Bummer to hear about the chemo.... Positive thoughts headed your way! Any shots of #2707, tan wrangler only ran on saturday unfortunately
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    2020 BWDC Parker, AZ Photos

    Great shots! Any chance you got any of #2707, tan Jeep Wrangler. Only ran on saturday unfortunately
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    Unofficial results are posted on BITD site....
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    Revive a dying class

    Looking forward to seeing Jernigan running in 4700! Hoping to have the ex-Vest pro-truck done for Coan/Krellwitz for Parker in 2021
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    BWDC Questions

    Any ideas on the conflicting info in the FIP about Grand Prix finish verses having to do all lap to be considered a finisher? For us Jeepspeed guys 3 laps shouldnt be an issue... but just want to clarify
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    Revive a dying class

    Tim, spend a few grand and convert your 1700 to a 2700.... You would be surprised what 35's, a few more inches of travel and a little mor HP does! I have raced and prepped TL's..... I wont say anything positive or negative about them. But they are TL's I will leave it at that 4700 will grow...
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    Silver State 300 @@PHOTOS@@

    Any shots of 2707, Tan Wrangler
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    Impact Accel - Discontinued?

    My guess is that since they were bought out by Sparco, they consolidated the product line and only sell the one that Sparco sells, which is actually made by Stand21. I have one that I use, that was a gift from Impact for winning Parker a few years ago. It's nice but bulky
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    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    Speaking of pro-trucks.... Is there a list of chassis numbers and owners out there? Kinda like the big TT list that used to be floating around on here? PeeWee just got chassis number 4 from Vest and wondered the history of the truck before he had it
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    News Adam Householder Wins BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge

    Great pics and I did read the story! Thanks for the shout out.... You did spell my name wrong! haha... and listed the wrong winner for class 1700 too..... But us Jeepspeeders will take any of the love we can get!
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    50 different classes, really?????

    Has anybody seen Fish's baseball?
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    Parker 425 @@ PHOTOS @@

    2707? Tan (dirt) colored Wrangler
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    Help deciding where to start

    Jeepspeed would be a great start.... Lots of good cars, and a good series to run. We have the perfect beginner car for you! Still street legal and easy to drive. 23K obo!
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    Laughlin Desert Classic @@ PHOTOS @@

    Great pics as always.... Man, did they ever over water that corner on Sunday! Any shots of the Tan Jeepspeed Wrangler #2707?
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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    A good thing or a bad thing?