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  • we let blaine by about a mile or 2 after you got us. we held him off a lil bit more than you. we were still charging really hard after both of you though. wanted to get both of you back.

    after lap times were posted today, we figured we were in 6th place at the end of the first lap on time.
    after you got around us, we let blaine go to. we didn't want to hold anyone up, but didn't want to give up the position also. we got stuck behind jason coleman for awhile. we were on top of him through the spectator section and until the road crossing. we made him move awhile after. once we got on the fireroads we started to hear a light clank sound from the transmission. we knew we were already in trouble. well it turned into a louder clank and it popped out of gear once. it sounded horrible those last 2 miles to the finish. we just called it quits there at main pit instead of doing anymore damage.

    we had passed 9 cars and were in the top 10 on track, so we weren't holding back at all either. we wanted to just charge.
    thanks for being nice and giving us, #1608, a second to get over on the first lap. what happend to you guys? saw you pulled over awhile later.
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