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  • Sorry It took so long, but I DID change the avatar. Thank you for the photo love, I only wish I could afford to buy every photo you have of my car. You sir, are an artist!
    yah - we lost her last Tuesday night... super-unex[pected and a major bummer right before thanksgiving - easily top2 of dogs I have ever owned and they are awesome. you going to the SNORE Laughlin race? The highway jump will be back!
    where ya been dirk? i haven't seen you or your photos in a while... hope everything is good dude..
    Never now who you will find on here. Let me know if you are out shooting some of the MDR races.
    Thanks for the rep - I need to figure out why photobucket seems to be degrading the quality.... not all of them are as crisp as I want, but most of them definitley lost some quality. I can't complain for snapping pics with a simple D40X over the weekend while I wasn't working or keeping my 3 yr old in sight....

    I think I am gonna change my watermark too so it goes around the border - I hate they way they look with the big logo in the middle of the pic....

    See you at the Mint and Primm. I will let you know where our pits are so you can swing by.
    dont even swet it ... i wasn't able to make it out to parker (home sick with the flu) but from what everybody says it was pretty gnarly out there ... ill be at the B@P for sure tho .. hopefully we'll be able to meet up out there.. see ya

    Dirk, did you shoot @ Laughlin? If so, when will your photo's be up? Thanks in advance.
    Yeah man we gotta give credit where credit is deserved cuz I would be pissed if I was a professional photog and people were out there making money illegaly off of photos I took! Nice pics btw you do some nice work I just got done browsing through your gallery of the 2008 Dash on your site and there's some great shots in there for sure.
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