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  • Hey Gus. A guy named Matt Hicks in Phx is prepping a 5 car to race with SADR in Dec. Maybe you two could get together and have a couple cars in class 5 for the event. You can email him at:
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    I have been working, I couldnt come , but I will for the night race...pinky promise
    Ha Ha,
    The crybaby mods have taken to deleting my celebratory posts!!!! They are such sore losers!!!
    Long time no talkie! Hey, veo que pinche morado no cambia! el ruco wino como siempre cagando el palo y atacando, pero que cura agarro....saludos Gustaf!
    how about no...? I already did all that, and you refuse to acknowledge those points I make. You're just gonna keep calling me ignorant, so there's no point in engaging don't play fair. Seems to me you're aware that your "scientific community" is just as corrupt as anyone, but your BLIND FAITH in it prevents YOU from being rationalm using reason and logic, and providing evidence. I've been asking for it all along, you can't proviude it...because it doesn't exhist.
    Racer X never went out of business nor have we been in AZ. That was Racer Off Road (Tim I think) and we had nor have any relation to them. We have always been in Southern California; Carlsbad, Vista, and now Santee for the last 7 years. Do you race the ASCC races in TK? We support those races posting contingency for 1st and Last Place. Just got back from Firebird for the last Lucas race where we handle all of their communications. It is still a small world but I wouldn;t want to paint it haha!
    Thanks for the negative rep! I could care less who you are my comment wasn't directed at you. However, given your stellar status and inability to communicate as an adult I can see where your problems are. Have a great day!
    LOL.... I always get them banned....I just find them in the internet through google, no biggie.
    Call it what you will Gus. You know exactly what your doing. So acting like you dont know what it is is not becoming of you. Self righteousnesses? First you need to be righteous.
    Hey, that was cool! Thanks!! I remembered the song from my early days just after high school but had not thought of it in years. Now that I re-read the lyrics, it really does fit my life view. Yeah, I think it might just be my new them song. We are planning another assault on the Tuareg Rallye in Morocco next march. When we get back I am going to try and make a video of our adventure there. I think I might just know what the opening tune might be!!

    Cheers hermano!

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