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  • Roger, Congrats on your purchase of SCORE. I'm excited to see where you can take it....good luck, i'll see you at the SouthPoint race in January.
    Hi Roger,

    Just wanted to follow-up with you in regards to any open media positions on your team. If you are still looking for a PR and media assistant, please get in contact with me at my number below.

    Thank you,

    Jose Garcia
    Direct Line: 831-444-4468
    I just wanted to thank your guys at RM159 for helping Ashcraft and KIT racing out. After they heard you were out they stuck around and offered their pit services to us. They helped us change a tire on Steven Eugenio's one car who went on to win the race. They also towed my chase vehicle out when it was time to leave. Sorry about your problems. At least the truck still has a full prep on it. What race is next?!?
    Roger Now is the time to make some changes for saftey out there .Who you are as a team NORMAN racing speaks volume , Your voice will be heard . Congrats on your Finish . Jess

    I didn't get your e-mail. Sorry for following-up so late. I was taking care of some family things. I'm actually working for a Ford dealership here in Salinas, Calif. I'm the Internet Coordinator for the dealership.

    I know your racing the San Felipe 250, you should put me on your pit team. I have experience working in the pits. I pitted the 2008 Baja 1000 with the Locos Mocos pit team. I had a blast working on a bunch of vehicles.

    Let me know if you have any spots open on your pit team. I'm willing to get the days off from the dealership.

    Take care,

    like you come to run a road race in Los Cabos Baja California Sur? the next 6 and February 7 will do a road race called the Eastern Cape 250, in which we invite you to run, have a lot of participation from drivers who are in SCORE, I will mention a few:
    Luis Ramirez Jr., ex-driver Jefferies Racing
    Samuel Araiza
    Steve Barry
    Robert Ross
    etc ...
    I would like to know your answer.
    I say goodbye with a salute

    It's me Jose Garcia from Chico, CA. I met you in Ensenada this past Baja 1000. I handed you my resume and contact information regarding any job openings in your Norman Motorsports team. I'm in Mexicali right now celebrating New Year's with my family. I'm going to be moving to Mexicali this February to look for assistant positions in team marketing and team logisitics.

    I know your pretty familiar with a couple of Mexicali desert racing teams and racing organizations. Maybe you can help me find a team that needs an assitant. Send me an e-mail if you know of anyone that's looking for a PR assistant.

    My e-mail is

    Take care, Happy New Year,

    FYI...RC-Jay = BJ Baldwin if you didn't already know. Kind of sounded in your last post you may not have known. Good luck at the 1000!
    Looks like the Lemons car is just about ready to rock. Loomis and Fish have been busting ass on it.
    yeah i saw u. u were hauling arse. my dad used to race against abelardo. theis race about 3 years ago they were battling out for first and he ended up winning by time. i raced a quad this race though we were q13.
    Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to go to your new shop this time around. I didn't realize you had moved all the way out to San Diego. I had hoped the shop was somewhere in the Crystal Bay area, though I can certainly understand why you moved it to San Diego. Will you be at the race even though your team won't be?

    By the way, I think you're one of the classiest guys out there, and the way you handled the 500 penalty proves it. And thanks for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.
    Roger, thank you so much for everything this weekend. I had the time of my life! Looking forward to the future!
    Roger - Thanks for being part of my team in Reno since I couldn't be there.... and thanks for taking care of them after the race! See you at Buttonwillow hopefully.

    Any chance you'll bring one of the trucks out to race the Midnight Special at Ridgecrest? There are already 3 TTs confirmed and it's a really fun race...
    I'm sorry to hear you won't be at V2R this year. I love that Crystal Bay truck. How far is the new shop from Reno? Any chance it would be open for a visit from the scouts? I think showing them a top notch TT shop would be a really special trip, if you're ok with it.
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