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  • So have you ever tried using the clutch? haha! That sucks dude but if you really want a money pit I will sell you my rhino.
    I thought you had the dependable year for trannies. I actually didn't even know you were talking about a motor until you said so later. I just thought it was some cross dresser you were quite familiar with.
    I could definately give you an RDC rate! probably about 27.. 27.5 .. have to look tomorrow and see what were in it. I sold the white 05 today for 34 out the door. My advice though if your lookin at Rovers.. get an 05 or newer.. the 03-04 Navi is the worst Ive ever used!

    you guys should definately come over and drive them though. I dont sick the dogs on clients like most dealerships :)
    lol.. I'm just messin with ya! I know the Harbor Freight story all too well.. I need a table saw for a couple of very small projects.. I'm torn, should I borrow one from my dad (about 20 mins away) orrrrr should I get something at HF, then just give it away when I'm done! (saving me a return trip to dads) haha! I'm terrible! I'll think this way for a few days... then I'll go buy a really nice contractor grade saw that I will use maybe once every 3 years! No wonder theres no racecar in my garage!
    Haha well I wanted to get my suspension dialed in on the first race and wanted to really check it out without all the dust so I just rode all four laps. On my 8th lap during the points race I was not to happy about riding those extra laps! But I just cruised the whole race and never really pushed hard at all. I figured I would let them catch me and then ride hard.
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