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    Rage at the River @@ PHOTOS @@

    Any chance you caught 1469 from the last heat on either day? epic photos, by the way. nicely done.
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    f100 fiberglass

    Competition is good for everyone. I'm just happy to see more options for these trucks becoming available - so for that, thanks McQueen! Love your ranger stuff - if my truck ever gets reworked to race-truck status I'll be sure to look you up. Dezertdisasters, Autofab has 2 versions of bumpside...
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    f100 fiberglass

    Dent sides only? I'll be in the market for a set of bumpside bedsides here in a month or two and Autofab is the only company with glass that I like. FWIW: I'm maintaining the stock wheelbase, 116" and running 35" tires. I'll have to re-measure the width but I think it's pretty narrow between 81...
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    New Forum Upgrade - Suggestions

    Anyone else having issues with pictures in threads? They seem to take forever to load now.. chrome on win7
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    1968 to 1979 ford trucks photos!

    that's the one. Thanks for the compliments. I've been on hiatius for a little bit I do a lemons build but I'll keep improving my fab work and this truck will reap the benefits.
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    1968 to 1979 ford trucks photos!

    Hey guys, I haven't been on RDC in a while but I just saw this thread. Here's a few shots of my '69 F100, work in progress.
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    71 f100 prerunner

    How far away was the pump from the cell? Was it below the base as well? I'm worried about mine now (haven't used it yet).
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    71 f100 prerunner

    Just clicked through this thread, awesome looking build! I'm checking out all these f100's getting built for ideas on mine.. if you don't mind sharing, how did you tie the cage in to your frame?
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    classic Ford

    Whatever happened with the beam and/or steering kit that was talked about earlier in this thread...?
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    Determining load on suspension links???

    In order to obtain the most accurate data possible (in terms of strain readings), you do not want the trailing arm to visibly yield. When loaded if the material "lets go" and sees plastic deformation your strain readings will either be way higher than what actually caused the yield, if not maxed...
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    Determining load on suspension links???

    Sorry, FBD stands for Free Body Diagram and for any mechanical or dynamic analysis, an FBD is always the first step. If you screw up the FBD then the rest of your analysis will be incorrect. It is basically a diagram for a body which shows ALL of the applied forces and their directions. For a...
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    Determining load on suspension links???

    There is no real simple equation to determine loads in structural members for custom designs. You need to start with a FBD at the earliest and use your known geometry to locate the applicable forces on your links. From there you can apply whatever "worst-case" force you want, for example: 10g...
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    GMR Luxury Prerunner Build

    Why did you guys have them forge you a square piece instead of a round? Maybe I don't understand your sequence of operations, but i generally do anything I can to avoid 4 jaw chucks.
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    ProAm Spindle Uprights & Snouts

    Sorry about the thread revival, but did anyone ever get a hold of some CAD files of the ProAm parts? I'm currently stuck on my design because I don't have upright info & I REALLY don't want to design my own when it can be avoided. Or, at least, can anyone answer this: on kartek's website they...
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    Sportsman Buggy Build

    I love this project, it's very close to what I want to do here pretty soon. Can I ask, where did you get your CAD models for the trans & steering rack? (the steering system is more important for me right now). I didn't find them on trails less traveled or 3dcontentcentral. Did the...