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  • whats up partner 7th in class baby!!!!! first time finishing the 1000 it was a long sleepless raceday but way worth it
    Dude...it's AlbuqUERque.

    Good luck with the race, let me know if there's anything we can help with through the Desert Rat store.
    thanks again to rigsby racing for covering my ass @ the 07 500. they stoped for me on the paved rd. back to ensanada. my bike was hot & wouldnt start & i was real tired. your group is a class act!
    Sorry,no bikes,nmdrc will not like it plus to much problems with bikes
    qauds and utvs trucks and buggies only.
    grand prix land rush start for rhinos,razors and quads.
    hey drew i was wondering why no bikes at the Thanksgiving 100 my buddy is down to race but he is riding a bike? just quads buggies and trucks? any info would help thanks. Rob Lury 5056102024
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