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    On Topic Why's there so many Yamaha 1000's in the TORC Pro Stock class

    Because they are cheap, light, turn great and are fast.
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    2017 vs 2018 can am x3 rs

    It 19 actually. Different belts. Intercooler fan. Injectors. Remapped ecu. The conversion is available from the manufacture for $1300. Other than that it's the same car. However there are a few new models available in the lineup such as the 120hp base and two models of the RC (rock crawler)...
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    Radiator in bed or Front????

    Get a bigger radiator and change your thermostat
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    hello my Name is Rick

    im a truck guy living in Sunny SoCal Sandiego. Im currently running a 90' Chevy c1500 with kings, bilsteins and full glassworks all the way around.