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  • Hey jon, how have you been? Have any 9 car drivers talked to you about the 21rst?
    Jon, I got your voice mail, I'll give you a buzz next week, works nuts and we're heading to Parker tomorrow night.
    Hey hope you're getting better. You gotta make-up a better story than the paintball story though. See you soon Jon.!!!!!!
    Jon this is Tony's dad we helped at the last MDR race, I am looking to stay in touch with you and would love to help out with future DRIVE events if needed.
    The brownies have done wonders for my social life LOL... I know how to work it ;) Thank you again, John - I couldn't have handled either day without you and Greg - you guys are top notch and anything I can do to help you succeed, I will...Now I need to meet your better half - um, I mean lovely wife :D
    Sorry you won't be out at the races anymore. If you ever feel the need to come out and watch, our pits are always open to you and Summer. You both should be proud of yourselves.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you and the other volunteers did at the night race. You all should be proud of yourselves. I saw you as we were going through tech, but you drove off in the van before I say hello.
    Clean out your private messages Mister! I was trying to send ya a message but I received an error stating that you have exceeded your quota!~
    We are doing good...I think the Night race down in Plaster City is gonna be a real good time! We learned last year how NOT to deal with the this year we will be more smarter:)
    Not too bad. Just working for a living so we can try to go racing more often. How are you and Summer doing?
    Just getting ready for the Plaster City Night race! U get'n ready for the 500? Any chance you will racing in Plaster City this year? We miss you guys down there!
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