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  • hey JEN JEN!!

    i dont think so...but the next time im out there i could scope it out for you...however -
    you should be able to GOOGLE EARTH it ( and that will give you GPS coordinates too )

    hows trix?

    Jan! Jen Jen. I was wondering if by chance you had GPS coordinates to my Ranch? I acknowledge it is highly unlikely based on the number of hours it took you to get there ;) but I thought it was worth the ask.
    sorry man - works been crazy...been good - been bad.
    think ive only been able to come out for BARSTOW only once...

    then some peeps walked out on the show im working on now - so im gonna miss the night race too.


    be back soon.

    take care


    ps - say hi to everyone for me!!

    pss - howve you guys been?
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