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  • You said "if not they should be cuz they're cowards!" Sadly, I have found that to be so true after spending a career in media. Myself, for instance, I found I was way too insecure to go for an engineering degree figuring I didn't want to risk anyone going over a bridge I built. And many if not most of the TV reporters and news staff are the same or worse, lot's of insecurity and the system breeds it whether it's scaring you into buying deodorant, or scaring you into compliance with some government edict.
    this weekend 13th at braona is drag races toys for tots and im trying to get off roaders out there so tale every one you no with a truck or buggy to come out.
    Really appreciated.. We have had a ton of the same offers.. and we are going to do our best.. just have to decide if it is worth it again.
    hey! didnt know you were on here..actually maybe you did mention it haha..ya Ive had the Yota for a few months now, got it for a super deal..color wasnt planned, but it was about 4 different primer colors when I got it..looked inside and the truck was originally red so just went with that, def. didnt plan on making it look like a Dodge replacement lol..nice! congrats to you guys on the top 3 wins :D..
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