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  • Tony did you buy one of these cars?
    1007 Hart,Darland,Ottersberg,Palmo\
    1007 George Slamon
    1017 Mccluskey,Mike
    1017 Krantz
    yea i was a little aggravated, but hey we were racing. dont worry about it, **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** happens. But I'll be out prerunning this weekend you guys headed out there? My name is Steven by the way, and the owner of the car is Larry Antuna. I teamed up with Larry for the Toys for Tots race in December, he came to me asking if I wanted to be his driver. I was very excited to take this opportunity, since my family and I have been saving to buy a 9 car. Ive had co-pilot experience since was 14 and for 6 years I have been promised to drive, with another team but it never happend. But now things are going good, this will be my 4th race driving, 3rd race in 507 and we are currently 4th in points. Larry usaully starts the race and I take over by lap 2 or 3. We missed third place last race by 2min 16 seconds, because the power steering went on me the last 16 miles of the last lap. But we still had a great time. Well looking forward to meeting your team. take care. Steven
    What's up Tony! I got the truck back together a few months ago. I was hoping to get it done to enjoy some Glamis action in it but I came up short and it took longer then I hoped. Funny thing is I smacked a K-rail trying to avoide an accident yesterday and I think I bent something. You still racing?
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