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    Steve "Chappy" Hanson

    I know when Rino Navera broke his back at the Elsinore Lucas race Steve went and sat by his side. Rino has said more than once that his company and prayers made him feel comfort and peace. He's also always there at the beginning of any desert race for a quick prayer. I know I will go and donate...
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    Adam Wik and the Wiks racing crew throwdown in by Deviate Films

    Ya that would have been a sweet in-car video but the dummy behind the wheel forgot to hit the button! So no in-car for round 5...
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    Just a Shout out to Wiks Racing Engines!

    I just want to congratulate the guys at Wiks Racing Engines for their begining of the 2010 season! LV LOORS Saturday probuggy 1st and 2nd places limited buggy 1st place Sunday probuggy 1st place limited buggy 1st place prolite 3rd place SAN FELIPE class 1 - 3rd place class 12 - 1st...
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    Testing at Speedworld February 6th anyone interested.

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to Rob and all the Stronghold guy's this past weekend. Rob was a huge help to Rino and really made him feel comfortable with his new ride. He started adapting to the truck with every session out. He humbly admitted that the u/lites are a handful and the hardest...
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    Snore - allows ecotec's in class 10

    Talked to Adam from Wiks Racing Engines on Wednesday night. He should have recieved a 2.4 today, and a 2.2 by the beginning of next week. He's going to dyno both motors and hopefully have some numbers by the end of next week. I will post them here when he gets all the info together.
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    Snore - allows ecotec's in class 10

    This was a smart move on SNORE's part. I think BITD should adopt the same option.
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    ECOTEC engines to be allowed in class 1000

    No they do not make 175lb/ft of torque. I meant that the torque number I saw was the same as the other quote posted. It was regarding the numbers for the Ecotec. Sorry for the confusion. I agree! But power doesn't hurt when your going up a sand wash!
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    ECOTEC engines to be allowed in class 1000

    I looked up the numbers also and found 173 h.p @ 5800. Torque the same. I know not a big difference but thought I would post it anyway. I understand from an economic stand point this is a great deal. But competitively speaking, the Ecotec's are over 10% down on power over a good Honda. Ashcraft...
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    *** Adam Wik LOORS Vegas Video ***

    Just got back from spending the holiday with the Wiks and Rino out in the desert for a little family time. As far as mixing it up with the buggies? Thats the plan. We are going to test there this coming weekend check lap times and see how we do. New parts are on order for a little more...
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    ***Stronghold Motorsports Vegas Video***

    Nice vid Bob. Keep up the good work... See you in Elsenor!!!
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    Congratulations Bryan Freeman

    Congrats to Brian Freeman Congrats to Brian and Rino for there win on Sunday in the Limited buggy race. Saturday Brian was taken out of the race with some minor mechanical issues but Sunday was able to put it all together for the win. Great job Brian...
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    Congrats Deegan!

    I know from a reliable source out of Brandt's camp that it was a protest and it was 3/8 of an inch over the allowed wheelbase. Tough deal on both sides but I know that I wouldn't want to win that way!!! Just my two cents.
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    ***Video*** Canidae Racing Primm 300 Heli and in car.

    good job Bob. Love the video. lots of great helo shots... See Ya Derek
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    torc on espn2 - insanely great!

    I also agree with Rob and the others that said there was way to many close ups. I really don't want to just see a wheel of a truck! Maybe a suspension shot now and then. But to just be zoomed in on a part of the truck??? But with that said it was probably the best show that they've done yet.